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x-ChellinoTeachingOnIce1The College Hockey Atlantic Combine was first held in Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) in June 2015.

In 2018, the Event will be held in the Halifax Regional Municipality, from June 21st – 24th.

The Combine will be divided up into two groups based on birth year. The younger group will consist of players born in 2003 and 2004. The older group will consist of players born from 1999 to 2002.

The Combine will feature events for both male and female hockey players.

x-Red11andBlueGoalieEach player will take part in physical testing, an on-ice practice ran by NCAA and prep-school coaches attending the combine, and a minimum of four competitive games.

This Combine allows players to showcase their skills in an environment attended with coaches and scouts searching for future prospects.

Coaches, scouts, and recruiters from NCAA programs, Prep Schools, and Junior teams from throughout North America have confirmed they will attend the Atlantic Combine this coming week on Halifax.

Players participating in the Combine will come from throughout Canada, the USA, and Europe.


Brief Itinerary:


Thursday – players will arrive at the arena and sign in with the Combine staff. Upon signing in, they will be given their team jersey, socks, and schedule. Players will commence the Combine with a fitness test and/or an on-ice practice. Players’ scores from the testing will be recorded and distributed to the coaches, scouts, and recruiters who will be in attendance.

x-NCAAAThleteChatFriday  – some players will have an on-ice practice instructed by highly regarded coaches from throughout North America, and others will do fitness testing. Following practice / testing , players will follow their team’s respective schedule of games and classroom sessions. These highly informative sessions will include; i) College Athlete Roundtable Discussion, ii) Prep School Coach Q&A, iii) College Coach Q&A, iv) NHL Scout Presentation

Saturday – teams will have a primarily have competitive games. Between games, players and parents can participate in various Q&A sessions. Players will then follow their team’s respective game schedules.

x-GallagherPaul1Sunday – players will follow their team’s final game schedules.

If you would like to be kept informed of our event, please send a message to us.